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We helps companies become more market responsive by extending the traditional suite of BI tools and solutions to the Edge of the enterprise, equipping high-value, market-facing people with the tools and information they need to drive performance. Whether the need is for better information to drive decision making, or the need to incorporate these Edge resources in the planning, budgeting and forecasting process.

Functions Performed by BI Tools

To report business operations : The most basic use for bi tools is keeping track of everyday business operations. Weekly or monthly reports of a company’s activities can be easily generated using bi tools.

Our dedicated expertise in SAP development provides the best services to customers. Our range of SAP technical services are designed to suit all business requirements and provide the best returns on investments.
To track customer-behavior and sales patterns: Business intelligence gathered over time is useful in tracking customer spending and product sales patterns. Bi tools can give an all-round picture of customers and product sales bymarket segment, region, time period, etc. This information isvital for estimating demand and planning product launchesand marketing campaigns
To measure the impact of marketing campaigns: Bi tools can help track and measure the impact of marketingcampaigns in terms of product sales and customer responses
To present business data: Bi tool interfaces, such as dashboards and scorecards, areuseful for presenting data to colleagues and stakeholdersduring meetings and brainstorming sessions. Vast quantitiesof data can be quickly queried and presented in the form ofeasy to read charts and diagrams

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