Soft Ofz

We integrate all essential document management, collaboration and advanced search functionality into one easy to use solution.

Organizations produce piles of documents, images and other information electronically. The location of this information is a time consuming task. Users tend to file papers and to save documents in folders on their own computers. Nobody knows what information is across the company and what information is needed.

Our Soft Ofz is a Document management system which is one of the precursor technologies to content management, and not all that long ago was available solely on a stand-alone basis like its imaging, workflow, and archiving. It provides some of the most basic functionality to content management, imposing controls and management capabilities onto otherwise “dumb” documents. This makes it so that when you have documents and need to use them, you are able to do so.

Having a centralized location to store files is not enough to call your product a document management system. A simple folder on your computer can allow files to be stored, but limiting access to specific individuals becomes more of a problem. A good DMS will allow fine-grained access to each and every file.

We use standard and Open Source technologies and will provide full document management capabilities including version control and file history, metadata, scanning, workflow, search, and more. It also allows the social activities around content to be used to connect people to other people and people to information; helping to manage, more efficiently, the collective intelligence of the human resources of the company.

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